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Oracle EBS 12.2 Online Patching – First Glance

Anyone that’s been following the release of 12.2 knows that Online Patching is the BIG feature that everyone is talking about.  I’ve had the opportunity to utilize this new functionality…
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Bursting in One Step from R12.2: Users in the Dark on Request Status

Regarding bursting functionality, Oracle may have taken one step forward by consolidating back end processing, but took two steps backward in delivering end user experience.
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Printing Attachments in Oracle 12.2:
How does it Stack Up?

With the release of EBS 12.2, Oracle is making the claim that they have improved the attachment printing process. After reviewing the integration, I completely disagree; they have not given users a better solution.
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BI Publisher How To Video: Generate XML Using Oracle Reports

This 90-second video shows how easy it is to start using your Oracle Reports to generate the XML that BI Publisher needs. A brief introduction on generating XML data using…
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Moving to BI Publisher — Now What?

This eleven-page paper is intended to educate users, developers, managers, and executives of companies using Oracle E-Business Suite to automate and maintain the distribution of business documents. It walks through…
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Bursting EBS Documents in a Single Step Available in R12.2?

I came across Bug 12927519 on Metalink today that suggests that EBS R12.2 may include an enhancement to allow for bursting of BI Publisher/XML Publisher documents in one step (it says it was 'fixed in product version')!
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AventX Attachment Printer Update: Select Which Work Order Packages Print from eAM

The latest release of the AventX Attachment Printer takes advantage of, and improves upon, native work order printing from Oracle EBS R12. As always, AventX allows users to print complete…
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Advanced Collections: A “Non-Standard”
BI Publisher Implementation

There are a number of applications within Oracle EBS that have deviated from utilizing the standard BI Publisher integration. These applications are not misguided in their implementation, they just utilize BI Publisher differently for their own needs.
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Understanding Oracle eAM Work Order Package Printing: 11i vs. R12

This 14 page presentation looks at the capability gaps of Oracle eAM Work Order Package Printing in Oracle EBS 11i and R12.
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True Excel Templates for EBS – An Introduction

Excel based output from BI Publisher has been around for some time, however it wasn’t really Excel data (essentially XHTML that Excel knows how to read) and was created with…
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