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OAF Personalization: How to Sort Table Results

A quick one today based on a question from OAUG Connection Point R12.1 last month. Additionally a question of my own for anyone out there reading this that can help…
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Forms Personalization: How To Pass Function Parameters

To continue with my last post on adding a new icon to the menu bar, the ultimate goal of my personalization was to launch a form with dynamic parameters that…
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Forms Personalization: How To Add a New Icon to the Toolbar

I have been tinkering with Forms Personalization over the past week for some customer design and have found the documentation to be challenging when it comes down to the details.…
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OA Framework Personalization – Modifying the Submit Request Train

Since I discussed Forms Personalization last week, thought I’d share another interesting solution we came up with for a customer a couple weeks ago…this time using OA Framework Personalization. To…
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