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Upgrade Assistance

STR Software’s Customer Success Team is committed to making it as easy as possible to upgrade and manage AventX. Access to the latest version and general upgrade guidance is free with an active support contract. In addition, STR Software offers premium upgrade services and training classes to help fit your organization’s needs.

Upgrade Services Included with Active Support Agreements

With an active support contract, STR Software offers complimentary off-site assistance for planning and troubleshooting your upgrade.

If you’re interested in more information about upgrade planning or what’s new in the latest version of AventX, click here to contact our services department.

For more hands-on assistance, please consider investing in our premium services below.

Premium Upgrade Services

For customers who desire more help with performing an upgrade, STR Software offers the following services at an additional charge to your standard support agreement:

Walk-Through Upgrade Assistance (Remote) – STR Software will assign an engineer to provide walk-through assistance for one AventX instance during normal business hours. Upon request, STR Software will record any web meetings associated with the upgrade as guidance for your team to perform the upgrade work in additional environments. After-hours upgrade assistance or assistance in additional environments is available at an additional cost.

Hands-Off Upgrade Assistance (On-Site or Remote) – STR Software will perform all the work associated with your upgrade during normal business hours. Customers may be asked to assist in any work deemed foundational to the upgrade project. This level of assistance requires customers to provide access to their network. After-hours upgrade assistance is available at an additional cost.