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Training FAQs

I have a support contract. Aren’t some of these services included with that?

Yes — some of these services, such as basic upgrade assistance, unlimited support tickets, and questions, are included with your support contract. We have learned that many of our customers can benefit from getting this help onsite. Having an engineer onsite could also be less costly than an after-hours support call, depending on where you are located.

How do I know which package is best for my needs?

If you’re unsure of which package to pick, we recommend going with the Silver package. This will ensure that you get the content of the training you need, and will give you the additional time and flexibility to address any other topics and/or opportunities for system improvement that come up.

What if I need onsite training at a location outside of the United States of America?

We can work with you to come up with a travel and training schedule that works for both parties.

Are there any onsite technical requirements?

Ideally, training should be performed in a conference room with the ability to display information from a computer. Training is best performed within your environment, versus connecting to STR Software’s network. Users and administrators tend to learn better when training is performed in their non-production environment.

To summarize, you’ll need:
1. A conference room with audio and a video projector, and VGA or HDMI connections for a laptop
2. A network connection to an internal non-production AventX environment
3. An internet connection (preferred, but optional)

How many users can attend training?

The more, the merrier. We are happy to perform the training class for as many users as you want to bring to the training room. We can provide web conferencing for remote employees who are not able to attend the onsite training.