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Every AventX user has very specific and distinct business requirements. Consequently, STR Software offers custom-designed, content-tailored training at three different service levels while also offering custom documentation services to support your specific projects. Training ensures that you get the most out of your investment in AventX and your users are comfortable with the application.

Each training class comes with a custom training agenda which gives you the opportunity to go over what your users will learn and tailor it accordingly – we want to train you on what’s important to you. Whether your users are new to a project, new to the software, new to company or need a refresher, AventX training and custom documentation can help narrow the knowledge gap and maximize the benefit to your company.

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End-User Training Classes

These classes are focused on those users who have minimal interaction with AventX beyond sending or receiving documents as part of their daily duties. End-user training is particularly useful for organizations that have recently restructured or hired new employees and it ensures everyone in your organization is using AventX in the same way making business processes consistent.

Technical or Administrator Training Classes

Technical classes are designed with those who will be administering AventX in mind. These classes provide a deep dive into how to implement, configure, troubleshoot and manage AventX. Technical training is useful for IT teams to refresh themselves on AventX or IT teams that have welcomed new employees.


Custom Documentation Services

STR Software provides excellent documentation which is posted in the STR Software Customer Portal and available to download. If you have a special project or other situation that requires the creation of customized documentation, STR Software offers professional services to create custom documentation to meet your specific needs. If your organization has a need for custom documentation or would like to learn more about our training classes, click here to contact your services department.