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DataVaya for Oracle Process Manufacturing

Automatically Load Process Data into Oracle Process Manufacturing

DataVaya allows manufacturing organizations to drive continuous improvements by automatically loading data from PLC and SCADA systems into Oracle’s OPM module. DataVaya instantly populates accurate data for step release, step completion, process parameters, and batch step resources. Automating data entry eliminates errors caused by manual collection and allows organizations to track many data points without reducing manufacturing productivity.

Key Benefits

  • Collect a multitude of process manufacturing data quickly, accurately and reliably while freeing operators to focus on making product
  • Drive continuous improvements to manufacturing processes by harvesting the data needed to identify trends and variations
  • Improve your ROI in Oracle Process Manufacturing by maximizing its functionality – DataVaya works with OPM’s native process parameters and batch functionality
  • Unlock data insights for scheduling, inventory, accounting, and other areas of your organization by storing data in Oracle

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