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AventX Print Xpress

AventX Print Xpress is a bolt-on solution that simplifies printing from Oracle EBS by allowing users to print output to any locally attached or network printer. At the same time, AventX Print Xpress eliminates the need for system administrators to manually configure and support UNIX printers and queues.

Key Features

  • Automatically print any report to locally attached printers, network printers or view it onscreen as a print-ready PDF file
  • Automatically print attachments of any file type with an Oracle report
  • Promote immediate user adoption with a seamless user interface that looks and feels like Oracle EBS
  • Monitor job status in real-time and find troubleshooting information in one central location
  • Integrate with the AventX Product Suite to create a uniform delivery solution that can automatically email, fax and print Oracle output

Demo Video

Watch AventX Print Xpress in action!

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