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AventX Mobile Work Orders

Mobile Work Order Execution

AventX Mobile Work Orders allows maintenance users to view work order packages on the go with an iPhone or iPad – even offline. As with paper, users can mark-up electronic work orders with the added benefit of attaching rich media, like pictures and audio files, as context to the completed work. Adding to the efficiency of mobile, AventX allows technicians to close and upload completed work orders from anywhere, increasing time in the field and decreasing time spent manually entering the same information after the work is done.

View Complete Work Order Packages:

  • View work order packages and their attachments
  • Swipe from page-to-page to view content
  • Pinch-to-zoom in and out of important information

Mark-Up Work Order Packages:

  • Use a finger or stylus to create signatures, handwritten drawings or notes
  • Add text notes to provide details about the work completed
  • Highlight key areas that require revision or additional details
  • Fill in form fields of PDF attachments

Capture Audio Clips and Pictures:

  • Capture and insert verbal notes or audio of an operating asset into document
  • Capture and insert pictures into document and provide notes of what was found

Complete, and Upload Work Order Packages:

  • Complete work orders in app and have work order status automatically updated
  • Upload and archive completed work orders to Microsoft SharePoint

Disconnected Functionality:

  • Retains functionality when user is offline in the field


  • Encrypts WO data at the device level
  • Provides encryption during data transfer to and from user devices


AventX Mobile Work Orders is a companion application to AventX Attachment Xpress and requires users to run the Enterprise Asset Maintenance module of Oracle E-Business Suite.