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FAQ: Secure & Confirmed Email

1. What happens to my email when I click send?
2. How do I know if my email was received?
3. How do I know if my email was read?
4. How can I stop my emails from being marked as spam?
5. When should I send messages securely?
6. What does the “SC” in AventX Mail SC stand for?
7. What are some typical uses of AventX Mail SC?
8. How much does AventX Mail SC cost?

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What happens to my email when I click send?

A lot of behind the scenes work happens to deliver your email. While the entire process happens extremely quickly, there are multiple points in transmission where errors can prevent your message from reaching your recipient’s inbox.

Unfortunately most common email providers don’t provide a way for users to track what happens to an email message after clicking send.


How do I know if my email was received?

You can’t ever assume that your email was delivered. Even if your email is delivered, there’s no guarantee that the recipient saw it. The email may be swept into a junk folder, sent to an unmonitored email address or deleted without being read.

Common email providers like Outlook, Gmail or Yahoo! can provide a delivery failure notification email in certain situations like hard bounce backs. Even so, this functionality is not always reliable in determining if your email was delivered.

Businesses using ERPs to email important documents don’t have it much better when it comes to determining delivery status. For example, the successful status in Oracle EBS is often a false positive because it only indicates the data for an email was generated without any errors; it does not confirm that the email was delivered to the recipient.


Ok, so how do I know if my email was read?

Email clients like Outlook can allow users to request and send read receipt notifications automatically. However this feature is voluntary and users may opt-out of sending read receipts at any time, without notice to the sender. In other words, the recipient controls your visibility on what happens to your email.

Click here to learn more about email tracking options.


How can I stop my emails from being marked as spam?

It may seem obvious, but don’t sound like a spammer.

In general you should avoid subject lines with all caps, excessive punctuation or phrases like “free,” “buy now” and “guaranteed winner.” Only provide links to reputable sites and use an easily recognizable “From:” address. Don’t send overly large attachments or executable attachment files (.exe, .zip, etc.) which are common to phishing schemes and will be blocked by spam filters and/or antivirus protection software.

One of the most common culprits for  business emails being marked as junk or going to spam folders is ERP system-generated text. These automated subject lines and message bodies often contain meaningless strings of characters that trigger spam filters.

If you’re concerned about invoice or purchase order emails from Oracle EBS getting ignored or marked as spam, click here to see what you can do about it.


When should I send messages securely?

You should send secure, encrypted messages anytime you’re emailing sensitive data like account numbers, social security numbers, passwords, medical records or legal information.

While sending securely isn’t required for all emails, doing so helps prevent hackers from pinpointing which messages contain valuable information.


What does the “SC” in AventX Mail SC stand for?

The “SC” stands for secure and confirmed. These two aspects of AventX Mail SC enhance the email experience for businesses using ERPs like Oracle EBS or JD Edwards. To learn more about AventX Mail SC, click here.


What are some typical uses of AventX Mail SC?

Most often, businesses use AventX to confirm that critical, time-sensitive documents like invoices, purchase orders and statements were successfully delivered and read by the intended recipient. Some businesses also use AventX to ensure compliance with security standards for email communication.


How much does AventX Mail SC cost?

Pricing for AventX Mail SC varies based on your environment and on the volume of documents send. To get a quote, contact one of our sales consultants by clicking here.