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AventX for SunGard

man pointing at computerAventX for SunGard enables you to automate the email and fax delivery of any business document you can print from SunGard BusinessPLUS or SunGard ONESolution (formally IFAS). AventX provides your organization with a streamlined delivery approach to ensure your mission-critical documents, like invoices or purchase orders, reach their destination.

Key Features

  • Deliver multiple attachments from Microsoft products like Word or Excel
  • Confirm delivery successes or failures
  • Provide web-based delivery management
  • Enhance professional styling with logos or graphics
  • Integrate with any version of SunGard BusinessPLUS or ONESolution

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Customer Feedback

“AventX delivers the purchase orders fast by email, cutting the delivery time to minutes as compared to one or two days. Our users love it, and so do I.”

-Brenda Mayer, Purchasing Manager, City of Edmond, Oklahoma