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AventX for JD Edwards

AventX for JD Edwards provides confirmed email, allowing senders to know with certainty that their emailed documents were received and opened. For businesses emailing invoices or purchase orders, this insight can be crucial to maintaining a healthy cash flow or meeting production deadlines.

With a reliable, automated delivery experience that works across all report types, AventX benefits technical users too. With confirmed email functionality, IT teams no longer need to hunt down or troubleshoot every failed delivery.

Key Features

  • Deliver any BIP- or UBE-generated output via confirmed email or fax
  • Get real-time transmission status and delivery confirmation alerts
  • Receive notifications if documents remain unopened
  • Dynamically set To: and From: addresses, subject lines and message bodies
  • Include email or fax attachments from any location

Demo Video

Watch AventX for JD Edwards in action!

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