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Request a Live Demo: AventX Attachment Xpress for JDE Manufacturing

Screenshots and case studies are great, but nothing can replace a live demo tailored to your needs and system.

We’ll show you how AventX Attachment Xpress for JDE Manufacturing can:

  • Increase productivity – By automating the process of printing shop packets, your production planning will be more efficient.
  • Improve quality of goods produced – By providing accurate shop packets to your manufacturing crew, AventX Attachment Xpress for JDE ensures that goods are produced according to the most recent and accurate specifications.
  • Ensure compliance to regulatory standards – Incomplete, out of date, or erroneous shop packets can contribute to the failure to comply with regulatory and company standards. AventX Attachment Xpress for JDE provides assurance that the contents of your shop packets support your compliance initiatives.
  • Limit downtime – Confidently deliver complete and accurate shop packets to manufacturing teams knowing that AventX printed all related documents including routing instructions, diagrams, and more.

Take a moment to provide us with some information and we’ll be in touch to schedule your live demo.