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AventX Mail SC for Oracle

Secure and Confirmed Email Delivery

AventX Mail SC provides you with the ability to securely email any document (invoices, POs, SOAs, statements, etc.) from Oracle EBS and receive confirmation of delivery back into EBS.

AventX Mail SC offers significant advantages over native Oracle email:

Features AventX Mail SC Oracle EBS Email
Receipt confirmation  ✔
Delivery status in EBS  ✔
Secure transmission  ✔
Single/Batch submission  ✔  ✔
Document attachments  ✔  ✔
Detailed reporting  ✔


Impact to your Business

Although email is a widely accepted form of communication between individuals, it offers no security or confirmation of receipt when used by companies for important business documents. Companies using email to deliver purchase orders, invoices and other documents expose themselves to significant risk. These documents often end up unread or sitting in a “junk” folder.

Further complicating the electronic delivery of documents is the requirement for some companies to comply with GLBA, HIPAA and SOX security standards. With AventX Mail SC you get the best of both worlds, secure transmission of email and real-time confirmation of document receipt within Oracle EBS.

Confirmed Email Receipt

Comprehensive reporting functionality provides users with detailed delivery status notifications (successful message delivery, deleted without reading, etc.) within Oracle EBS.

Secure Delivery

AventX Mail SC encrypts the transport layer and provides password protection to ensure recipient privacy over SSL.

Email Oracle Documents with Attachments

Businesses often require product specifications or additional documentation to be included with your purchase orders, sales order acknowledgements, invoices, statements, etc. AventX Mail SC fully supports native database and network file server attachments for secure and confirmed email delivery.

Detailed Reporting

Comprehensive reports provide users audit trails for each message sent, assuring the sender that the documents were received by the intended recipient. Report details include successful delivery information, message expiration, and notification of messages deleted prior to being read.

BI Publisher and Other 3rd Party Formatted Documents

AventX Mail SC supports email of any document you can print, regardless of how the document is formatted. Whether your organization leverages Oracle’s BI Publisher or a third-party software package, AventX Mail SC will deliver your document output.

Fax Integration

Integrate AventX Mail SC into your existing automated fax delivery solution to offer a variety of delivery methods (fax, traditional email, secure/confirmed email).  With such a variety, you are sure to meet the needs of those receiving your documents.