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Fax Servers

Consolidate Email and Fax Resources Across the Enterprise

Fax servers offered by STR Software provide a streamlined approach to sending and receiving business documents.  A compact piece of hardware, fax servers operate in conjunction with our AventX software to eliminate the need for costly snail-mail and manual fax.  Instead, our AventX solutions provide unattended, lower-cost delivery of your organization’s documents via automatic email and/or fax.

Application Integration

In conjunction with STR Software’s AventX software, our fax servers can integrate with any environment for email and fax delivery. Whether your company wants to automatically email documents like purchase orders from applications such as SAP or Oracle E-Business Suite or receive faxes directly to your email inbox, all of your document distribution will be managed through your centralized fax server saving your company valuable resources.

Lower Delivery Costs

STR Software’s fax servers provide a central hub for all of your inbound and outbound fax traffic while also managing email automatically sent from your business applications.  By eliminating the need to print documents and then snail mail or manually fax them, your organization will benefit from substantial ongoing cost savings.

Peace of Mind

Our fax servers provide a turnkey solution to your document delivery needs.  STR Software fully supports your fax server and can provide an overnight replacement if needed.  Capable of sending from 10 to over 40,000 pages on a daily basis, our centralized fax servers grow to meet your changing needs.

Free Assessment Consultation

Our solutions consultants are readily available to perform a free telephone consultation to determine where improvements can be made in your current document delivery processes. Take advantage of this free service by contacting our team at 804.897.1600 x2 or sending us a message.