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Intelligent Inbound Fax Routing

Route inbound faxes to any destination
Intelligent Inbound Routing provides a streamlined, centralized approach for your company’s receipt of faxes.  By automatically routing incoming faxes to your employees’ desktops, the need for individual fax machines and costly telephone lines is eliminated saving your organization both time and money.

Delivery Server Hardware
A centralized delivery server is a key element in intelligent inbound routing providing delivery channels capable of sending and receiving from 10 to over 40,000 pages on a daily basis.   Supporting both Windows and Linux configurations, our digital (T1/PRI/FOIP) or analog-based delivery servers provide a streamlined environment for managing all of your incoming and outgoing faxes.

Route by Document Content (OCR)
STR Software supports Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for delivering inbound documents based upon document content.   Using barcodes or any other key identifier, we intelligently route your documents to specific email inboxes, network printers, or files based upon pre-set rules.

Route by Dialed Number (DID/DNIS)
STR Software supports both digital and analog fax configurations for dynamic inbound routing based upon the digits dialed by the sending fax machine.   By associating the last four (4) digits of the recipient’s fax number with the recipient’s preferred method of receiving faxes, the delivery server will intelligently route the inbound fax to the respective destination(s).

Route by Fax Line
Your dedicated fax line may be connected to the centralized delivery server to handle high-volume inbound fax traffic. The delivery server can then direct this traffic to internal email inboxes, network printers and/or files.

Route by Caller ID
STR Software supports inbound routing based upon the caller ID associated with the incoming fax.  Using this method, fax traffic from specific vendors or customers can be configured for delivery to particular destinations (email inboxes, network printers, and/or files).

Free Assessment Consultation
Our solutions consultants are readily available to perform a telephone consultation to determine where improvements can be made in your current document delivery processes. Take advantage of this free service by contacting our team at 804.897.1600 x2 or sending us a message.