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Delivery Technology

Deliver Any Document, From Any Application, In Any Volume

The AventX Product Suite provides the tools you need to ensure successful delivery & receipt of your mission-critical business documents.

AventX works with a wide range of delivery technologies including:

AventX can also pass your invoices on to your archive system automatically for long-term storage.

Benefits of Automated Document Delivery & Tracking

There are 3 clear benefits in automating the delivery and tracking of your business-critital documents. it’s faster, less expensive, more reliable, and it takes the inefficiency out of the process.

Calculating The Costs of Manual Processing

If you are using AventX to deliver and track your documents, you can typically expect a payback period of less than 6 months.

Real-Time Delivery Status

No matter which delivery channel you use, AventX provides real-time delivery status updates directly into your application,  to our web-based interface, or it can send acknowledgements right to your email inbox.