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Email Tracking

Delivering critical business documents is crucial to your success, but also presents some challenges.

Sending documents to vendors, suppliers and other contacts often requires a follow up call to ensure the information was received and IT involvement if it wasn’t. This can be a time-consuming process that dramatically reduces productivity across your entire organization.

What’s worse is that without delivery confirmation, your documents can be swept into junk folders, delivered to the wrong person, or lost entirely.

By automatically delivering your company’s business documents and confirming their receipt with AventX Mail SC or AventX for JD Edwards, your company will experience:

  • Decreased costs across a variety of touch points
  • Increased productivity for functional and technical users
  • Faster receipt of payment and orders
  • Significant reductions in the number of lost documents
  • Improved communications with key business partners

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Additional offerings such as Desktop Fax and FoIP are available to further streamline your critical, document intensive processes.