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Email and Fax Invoices

woman at computer with manEmailing and faxing invoices with native functionality from your ERP leaves a lot to be desired. The overall experience fails to meet industry expectations – adding attachments isn’t an option, auto-generated subject lines look like SPAM and users can’t assign dynamic sender addresses or names. On top of all that, your IT team is forced to shoulder the burden of troubleshooting or customizing document delivery.

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AventX simplifies and automates the delivery and tracking of invoices so you can:

  • Deliver invoices according to your customers’ preferences in fewer clicks
  • Reduce manual errors by intelligently leveraging existing cutomer data
  • Control message info like recipients, subject and attachments on the fly
  • Prevent lost invoices by monitoring delivery status for failures
  • Troubleshoot basic delivery issues without relying on IT admins

The bottom line – with AventX, you can deliver your invoices faster, at a lower cost, with more reliability, while simultaneously boosting your company’s cash flow.

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