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Work Order Package Printing Solution Suitability Checklist for Oracle eAM

A complete “work order package” is the work order report plus all its related attachments collated into a single packet.  This Work Order Printing Solution Suitability Checklist is a 3-minute tool to help you identify your business and systems needs and support the recommendation for a work order package printing solution. The checklist can also be downloaded and adapted for your specific needs.

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9 key considerations when evaluating a work order package printing solution:

Do you need a solution that:

  • Automates printing, one-off or batch, of complete work order packages.
  • Has the ability to select which work order packages are printed in a batch.
  • Prints database attachments and/or attachments from elsewhere on the network (via UNC path or file repository like SharePoint).
  • Prints attachments associated with a work order from any entity or category.
  • Is compatible with Oracle’s forms interface as well as the web interface.
  • Is compatible with other EBS modules:  prints other document types, such as purchase orders, with attachments.
  • Integrates with BI Publisher.
  • Enables organizations to utilize existing work order reports rather than creating new, vendor-specific work order reports.
  • Manages requests and prints work order packages without affecting your overall system performance.
  • Is compatible with printer finishing options, such as stapling.

For more information or a demonstration of AventX Attachment Xpress  – the most robust work order package printing solution available to the eAM market  – please contact us.

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