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Work Order Package Printing from JDE: Solution Suitability Checklist

A complete “work order package” is the work order report plus all its related attachments collated into a single packet.  This Work Order Printing Solution Suitability Checklist is a 2-minute tool to help you identify your business and systems needs and support the recommendation for a work order package printing solution. The checklist can also be downloaded and adapted for your specific needs.

8 key considerations when evaluating a work order package printing solution:

Do you need a solution that:

  • Allows users to print work order packages without leaving JDE
  • Automates printing, one-off or batch, of complete work order packages.
  • Has the ability to dynamically select which attachments print with the work orders
  • Prints database attachments and/or attachments from elsewhere on the network, such as files in a repository like SharePoint.
  • Enables organizations to utilize existing work order reports rather than creating new, vendor-specific work order reports.
  • Manages requests and prints work order packages without affecting your overall system performance.
  • Is compatible with printer finishing options, such as stapling.
  • Can print a wide variety of attachment types including: MS Office, PDF, PCL, TIFF, HTML, JPEG, GIF, PNG and more

Click here to view a demo video AventX Attachment Xpress – the most robust work order package printing solution available to the JDE market.

If you are ready to dramatically reduce the time it takes to print complete work order packages from JDE E1 CAM,  please contact us today!

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