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What To Look For In an Automated Fax, Email, Print Delivery Solution

This one pager looks at what to look for when buying an automated fax, email, print delivery solution including multi-platform integration, reliability and scalability.

1. Multi-Platform Integration

Multi-platform integration and support for a variety of software products for automated emailing, faxing, and printing in multiple environments including Unix, Windows and MPE, using standard and custom procedures.

2. Third-Party Application Integration

Seamless integration with third-party software applications for example Oracle EBS and eAM, SAP, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, IFAS, UNIX, etc.

3. Product Reliability

Regardless of the volume of your email, fax, or print jobs, you need a solution with 99.99% reliability that runs continuously with little or no administration.

4. Scalability

A solution that can grow with your organization’s email, fax, and print delivery needs for handling increased throughput and additional application output.

5. Exceptional Service and Support

A dedicated, professional support team that provides product and implementation issues promptly and effectively 24X7.

6. Comprehensive Documentation

A complete library of technical and end-user documention, including installation manuals, reference guides, users’ guides and white papers.

7. User Training

A backend solution that is invisible to your users, so you can have them up and running with minimal training while improving productivity and enhancing workflow.

8. Industry Experience

A solution provider with extensive industry experience and relationships with major ERP vendors with knowledgeable sales consultants who can work with you to determine what opportunities are available for your environment.

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