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What is the difference between M2M and IIoT?

Posted on by Jackson Macomber

At a macro level IIoT and Machine to Machine are the same concept in that both are based on the premise of connecting to devices (“things”) over a network.

Having been around for years, an M2M solution typically means that the data collected is delivered to a dedicated software application. Its goal is to monitor, troubleshoot, and diagnose operating performance and issues with machines, assets, or other types of devices.

M2M is -> point-to-point -> vertical -> closed -> requires commitment **


This is different than the newer IoT mindset where large volumes of data points are collected across a broad range of devices (“things”) and integrated with big data analytics in order to optimize the supply chain, streamline manufacturing, and/or improve overall asset health through predictive, conditional-based maintenance.

IoT is -> multipoint -> horizontal -> open -> allows experimentation **

IoT illustration


** Source: ABI Research © 2014

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