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The Most Interesting Man in the World’s thoughts on emailing documents from Oracle EBS

Posted on by STR_Software

We all know and think highly of The Most Interesting Man in the World, so we asked him for his take on managing the email document delivery process from Oracle EBS. He doesn’t ALWAYS share his infinite wisdom, but when he does, he shares it with us. Here is his incredibly interesting breakdown:

Dos_Equis_1The situation

Oracle EBS offers a ton of functionality – users can create and send a variety of documents in multiple ways. However, the downside is that it can be a huge pain to support. Generally, there is a 1:1 ratio between document types (POs, Invoices, SOAs, etc.) and bursting control files that require individual development and support. If you don’t have knowledge of XML, these programs can be difficult to maintain and troubleshoot. Oracle doesn’t have a built-in validation tool to test the XML, which can leave you uncertain about whether your XML is working as it’s supposed to. Additionally, you have a variety of disjointed management and configuration tools to maintain: your file system configuration files (xdodelivery.cfg files), which need constant editing from technical resources as your company grows and changes; profile value options; and XML publisher administration configuration for data definition.

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 These disparate tools and processes can lead to customizations, Org ID-specific workflows, and additional Org ID- or document-specific modifications that create confusion, limitations, and inconsistency. For example, one organization was using Workflow Mailer to send Invoices both internally and to external recipients. To make any changes, they had to use Workflow Mailer’s specific Workflow Designer, which is a complicated tool that can be tricky to manage — not to mention it only deals with that one specific document type.

The solution

This is where AventX comes in. Imagine taking all of those separate processes and consolidating them into one centralized process that allows you to configure and control all email, fax, FTP, print, and archive submissions. With AventX you can:

  • Shelter developers, UNIX/Linux system administrators, and database administrators from creating customized and fragmented delivery solutionsDos_Equis_2
  • Gain an intuitive, user-friendly interface embedded within EBS from which users can create documents, manage documents, and troubleshoot delivery — taking the burden off of IT and enabling users
  • Eliminate document delivery customizations from your EBS upgrade checklist and make migration easier, since AventX is tested against new EBS versions well before customers consider upgrading
  • Reduce the number of steps necessary to determine who receives what report and how they receive it, using the preferences and data you already have stored within the vendor, customer, and/or any other tables
  • Use AventX to configure report delivery rules based on Org. IDs – turn configuration options on and off in order to fulfill unique Org. ID and document-specific requirements

The takeaway

The Most Interesting Man in the World has a point on this one — free up time, resources, and energy by consolidating your disparate document processes. Take a uniform approach to document delivery with AventX.

To learn more, click here or request a demo.

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