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Streamlining Attachment Printing from Oracle eAM

The Company:

Minnkota Power Cooperative, Inc. supplies wholesale electricity to parts of North Dakota and Minnesota. Since implementing STR Software’s AventX Oracle Connector in 2006, Minnkota’s purchasing department has enjoyed the benefit of automated document delivery via fax and email from Oracle EBS. Recently, Minnkota elected to streamline its document management process within the maintenance department as well by adding STR Software’s AventX Attachment Xpress for Oracle eAM .

The Problem:

In order to coordinate the maintenance of expensive operating equipment and electrical plants, Minnkota Power Cooperative leverages the Oracle EBS module, Enterprise Asset Management (eAM). Minnkota uses Oracle’s eAM module to create “work order packets” comprised of a work order form and associated database attachments such as step-by-step instructions, diagrams and spreadsheets.

Originally, creating work orders and extracting the corresponding database attachments was a completely manual task causing a significant drain on productivity. Users created a work order by submitting a print request to Oracle’s Concurrent Manager which then printed the order, or batch of orders, to a local printer. Next, each corresponding work order database attachment had to be opened in its native viewer (i.e. MS Word) and printed to a local printer. Finally, users collected the printed output and manually matched the attachments to the appropriate work order creating a packet. At Minnkota, a dozen employees create 9,000 work order packets per year in this inefficient manner. Tim Sanger, Systems Programmer II, estimates that each packet took anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours to produce – at least 4,500 man hours per year.

The Solution:

Eager to increase efficiencies and automate the work order printing process, Minnkota installed STR Software’s AventX Attachment Xpress for Oracle. During the first use of the solution, a complete work order packet printed easily: a single print request to Oracle’s Concurrent Manager automatically printed and collated the output on the desired printer. “The users are very happy to accomplish other tasks while the work order packets print,” said Sanger, “The best part is, we did not have to perform any user training – they just print as they did before, but now the output contains the attachments.”

The purchasing department is taking advantage of the latest product offering as well. Often when sending faxes electronically, purchasing is required to print and store hard copies of purchase orders and their related database attachments (i.e. terms and conditions). Now, with a single request, purchasing can see exactly what was faxed to the vendor and file the documents accordingly.

STR Software specializes in document delivery solutions for email, fax, internet fax and print. Automatic printing of attachments in Oracle EBS is available with or without email and fax delivery capability. The AventX Product Suite integrates with internally-developed and host ERP applications including Oracle EBS, SAP, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, IFAS, EAS, and more in UNIX, Linux, MPE, and Windows environments.

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