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Simplify Global Printer Troubleshooting in Oracle EBS

Posted on by John O'Connell

Setting up printers to handle output from Oracle EBS can be a real pain for your organization’s IT department. However for many organizations, implementation is only half the battle. The other half is fought managing and troubleshooting their printers.

Why is troubleshooting EBS printers so difficult?

To print EBS reports, printers must be defined first in Windows, again in UNIX and then the printer must be registered within Oracle. Each of the three different systems IT navigates to set up a printer also creates one more piece of the puzzle that IT must account for when troubleshooting.

When a printer error arises, IT will typically have to first locate the printer on the UNIX back-end and then pause all the print jobs in that printer’s queue to diagnose the problem. Because of the tedious implementation, it may take hours just to find what’s wrong, making the simplest of ‘Help Desk’ tickets unnecessarily complex and time-consuming to close. When the problem is discovered, IT must often spend additional time completing multiple iterations of uninstalling and reinstalling drivers or downloading updated drivers.

Now, that all may sound manageable if your organization uses only a couple of printers, all located at a single operational site. However, it quickly becomes a huge ordeal if your organization’s IT department is responsible for managing hundreds of printers, located at multiple sites across the country or the globe. All of a sudden, printer management can engulf all of your IT department’s time and resources.

In order to ease the burden printer management can have on your IT department, organizations must make it easier for IT to troubleshoot errors with EBS printers.

With AventX Print Xpress your organization can reduce the complexities of implementing printers by removing the need to set up and manage printers in Oracle EBS and UNIX. This streamlines the implementation process and makes it easier for IT to identify what is causing printer errors. The fewer places to troubleshoot, the better!

Plus Print Xpress brings all the information about every print job to one central location, enabling system administrators to easily manage print jobs and troubleshoot printer errors faster. IT can identify the problem in less time and can close maintenance tickets more efficiently, which allows them more time to focus on improving your organization’s technical infrastructure.

AventX Print Xpress also empowers your users to troubleshoot basic printing errors and adjust preferences on their own without ever having to involve IT. An empowered user leads to a reduction in the number of ‘Help Desk’ tickets getting submitted, which in turn saves IT’s resources for higher priorities at the organizational level.

What’s Next?

See AventX Print Xpress at work! Click here for access to a demo video. Or learn more about how AventX can simplify printer management and troubleshooting here.


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