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RMOUG 2010 Recap

Posted on by Brent Lowe

For those of you that couldn’t make it to RMOUG you missed a great show. Definitely rates up there with Collaborate and OOW. I’m hanging out in the hotel lobby now waiting for my shuttle to the airport to get me back home on the red-eye. Have a bit of snow on the ground here in Denver, but nothing like what we have back home in VA!

A lot of big “Ace” names here including Steven Feuerstein, Cary Millsap, Mark Rittman, Dan Hotka, etc… giving presentations on all things Oracle in their respective areas of expertise.

I tried to make it to sessions where I have not had much experience and found myself in presentations that related to DBFS, Oracle APEX, Oracle UCM as well as some standards related to the ‘what’s new in….’ topics. A good 2 days of exposure!

I gave a presentation on BI Publisher where we covered everything from connecting to a datasource, generating XML using a data template, creating a layout template from scratch, setting up delivery channels and bursting. A lot to cover in an hour, but we plowed through it (OK, I went 5 minutes over). I will post a link to the presentation when I get back to the office tomorrow morning.

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