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Resolving 12.1.3 FTP error: Required property missing.:[FTP_REMOTE_FILENAME]

Posted on by Brent Lowe

Readers Santosh and ksoule both asked me about an error they were encountering when using the FTP Delivery Options tab in 12.1.3.

The specific error that they found is in the Output Post Processor log and reads similar to:

[UNEXPECTED] [2058276:RT5933172] Required property missing. Property name :[FTP_REMOTE_FILENAME]

Up until now I was unable to duplicate the problem and asked Santosh and ksoule to open an SR with Oracle because I believed it was a bug.  Well… 4 months later, Oracle finally was able to provide Santosh with a resolution and there is a new patch available, 12778226.

Looking at the bug associated with the patch, I was able to reproduce the problem.  Turns out that when the profile value “Concurrent: Force Local Output File Mode” is set to ‘Yes’, then this error will occur for FTP as well as other delivery methods.  Mine was set to ‘No’, hence I could not reproduce the problem.

One note, please download and apply the patch if you are having this problem, don’t just the set the profile value to ‘No’.  If your administrator has set the profile to ‘Yes’, it’s for a reason (likely multi-node or shared APPL_TOP -> see note 563233.1).

Thanks Santosh for getting back to me!


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