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Report Printing in Oracle EBS: Solution Suitability Checklist

To print EBS reports, Oracle requires IT to perform several time-consuming set-up steps within the organization. First a network administrator needs to define the printer in Windows, then a UNIX administrator must define it again on the UNIX server, and lastly an Oracle specialist must register it in Oracle. Not only does this tedious process involve multiple IT resources, but it must be repeated for every single printer used by your organization. Printing Oracle reports doesn’t have to be such a hassle!

This Report Printing Solution Suitability Checklist can help identify your business and printing system needs. Feel free to download and customize this checklist to support the recommendation for a simplified EBS printer management solution for your company.

Here are some key considerations when evaluating Oracle printer management solutions:

Technical factors: Do you need a solution that…   

  • Eliminates duplicate efforts to define each printer in Windows, UNIX, and Oracle?
  • Enables easy set up across various environments by allowing IT to import/export settings from non-production to production locations?
  • Minimizes user dependence on IT when troubleshooting errors?
  • Provides centralized tools to log files and monitor job status in one location?
  • Offers human-based support when needed?

Functional factors: Do you need a solution that…

  • Enables immediate printing to the default printer or any printer defined on a user’s PC?
  • Has the ability to preview and confirm reports onscreen prior to sending or printing documents?
  • Gives traveling employees the ability to print to a local/on-site printer?
  • Allows users to adjust their own printer settings such as page format, orientation, and size?
  • Requires minimal training for employees?
  • Includes any attachments with printed reports?

STR Software’s AventX Print Xpress can help you save time and reduce printer management tasks. For more information or a demonstration – please contact us today!

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