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Replace Paper Work Orders with a Technician-Friendly Mobile Solution

Posted on by Emily Benfield

Using paper work order packets in your maintenance department is a drain on productivity and creates a barrier to efficient communication between your planners, technicians, and Oracle eAM.

Planners often find themselves spending hours printing, assembling and distributing work packets. Technicians then perform maintenance activity and record notes and data on the paper work order. From there, the data has to be manually entered into Oracle eAM for analysis and record-keeping purposes.

Replacing paper work orders with the right mobile solution not only reduces the time planners spend managing work orders, but also allows your technicians to work efficiently in the field – whether they have an Internet connection or not.

To see how a mobile approach that focuses on your technicians – and the way they work today – can eliminate the hassles of paper work orders and close the feedback loop in your maintenance department, watch the video above.

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