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Prevent workplace accidents before they happen

Posted on by Emily Benfield

Learn how automating your work order assembly process can help improve workplace safety while keeping maintenance teams productive and making your business more profitable.

Making mistakes is part of the human condition; even the best people can make mistakes.

But making mistakes on the job can cause unsafe working conditions which lead to accidents, injury, unscheduled downtime, lost productivity, and unexpected costs for repairs, insurance or worker’s comp.

So what’s the secret to removing human error and improving your workplace safety?
Remove the humans!

Here’s how automating the assembly of work orders and attachments with AventX minimizes opportunity for human error:

  • Lockout tagout procedures, hot work permits, confined space permits and other safety documents are included with your work orders every time, so you can be confident that crews receive all the information needed to complete a job safely and correctly, whether you print or view work orders on a mobile device.
  • Automatically include the most recent versions of safety attachments and diagrams to prevent dangerous situations caused by inaccurate information, so your workers have the most current knowledge before they start a task.
  • Automatically include your other important attachments, like required tools and parts lists in the complete work order package, so there’s never a need for workers to improvise or guess in the field.

We can’t change the human condition, but we can change the conditions in which humans work.

Automating your work order assembly limits the opportunity for human error and ultimately leads to improved safety, productivity and profitability.

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