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Oracle Open World 2010 Papers – Vote for them on Oracle Mix!

Posted on by Brent Lowe

So I’ve found that the majority of my posts have involved something to do with BI Publisher. Hopefully I’m not boring you to death!

If you’re interested in learning more, I’ve submitted a number of papers for the Oracle Mix “Suggest A Session” contest. Even if you’re not interested in the particular topics I have to talk about, take a look at the others, who knows… someone may be speaking about the exact issues you are facing!

Simply login to Oracle Mix and click on the ‘Suggest-a-Session’ link in the yellow box in the top left corner. Remember to vote at least 3 times for your vote to count (read the FAQ for more detail).

The sessions that I’ve submitted are:

  • The Many Faces of BI Publisher in E-Business Suite
  • Data Exchange Between Oracle EBS and Other Systems – The Easy Way
  • Introduction to Report Generation, Bursting and Delivery with BI Publisher Enterprise

Additionally, Ben Bruno, President of STR Software has also submitted a couple papers. They are below:

  • Moving to BI Publisher, Now What? Automated Document Delivery from Oracle EBS
  • Print Documents and Their Attachments from Oracle EBS

Also, if there’s something else you’d like to hear/learn about regarding the topics on my blog, let me know in the comments, perhaps I can put something together and get it on Mix for people start voting on.

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3 Responses to Oracle Open World 2010 Papers – Vote for them on Oracle Mix!

  1. Mohan Dutt says:

    Best wishes to STR Software team for session selection for Oracle OpenWorld 2010.
    The BIP proposal with highest number of votes is “BIP with BIP” (Best Implementation Practices with Business Intelligence Publisher). In case the proposal is selected for presentation, may I invite the STR Software for a joint presentation. Let us reconnect during the week of July 5th once the voting results are declared on Oracle Mix.

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