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OOW 2010 – Presentation 1 – Many Faces of BI Publisher

Posted on by Brent Lowe

I thought Oracle Open World was whirlwind this year, then I arrived home… Wanted to thank those that took the time out of their packed schedules to come to my presentation on ‘The Many Faces of Oracle BI Publisher’. I was excited about the amount of attendees that came and I have received a number of questions since the show. I have uploaded my slides and associated paper (with more detail). You can find them at the links below.

The Many Faces of BI Publisher in Oracle EBS Presentation
The Many Faces of BI Publisher in Oracle EBS Paper

One of the questions that came through today was regarding more information on how to convert Oracle Reports to BI Publisher Data Templates and Oracle Reports. This functionality currently exists as a series of calls to various utilities and is 3 step process.

Step 1: Convert your 9i Oracle Report to XML using rwconverter:
rwconverter batch=yes source=<report to convert> dest=<output file> dtype=xmlfile overwrite=yes

Step 2: Create the Data Template using the BI Publisher DataTemplateGenerator API
java oracle.apps.xdo.rdfparser.DataTemplateGenerator <Path to XML File created in Step 1>

Step 3: Create the RTF Layout using the the BI Publisher RTFTemplateGenerator API
java oracle.apps.xdo.rdfparser.RTFTemplateGenerator <Path to XML File created in Step 1>

Now there are some caveats and your results may vary, but rather than just repeat the documentation verbatim, take a look at Appendix D in the Oracle BI Publisher Administration and Developer’s Guide for your version of Oracle EBS.

Once I get caught up at work, I’ll also update the presentation and the blog with other questions and suggestions that I have received.

Once again, thanks for attending and if you have any other questions please feel free to contact me either through this blog or directly (See the About tab for contact info).

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3 Responses to OOW 2010 – Presentation 1 – Many Faces of BI Publisher

  1. Rakesh says:

    I get the following error, please let me know.

    I am running on Application Server at $JAVA_TOP

    java oracle.apps.xdo.rdfparser.RTFTemplateGenerator ZENINMHD.xml
    at oracle.apps.xdo.flowgenerator.rtf.table.TableRender.printTableDef(
    at oracle.apps.xdo.flowgenerator.rtf.table.RTFFRow.endRow(
    at oracle.apps.xdo.flowgenerator.rtf.RTFGenerator.endRow(
    at oracle.apps.xdo.rdfparser.RTFTemplateGenerator.endRow(
    at oracle.apps.xdo.rdfparser.RTFTemplateGenerator.processChildElements(
    at oracle.apps.xdo.rdfparser.RTFTemplateGenerator.processChildElements(
    at oracle.apps.xdo.rdfparser.RTFTemplateGenerator.processReportSubsection(
    at oracle.apps.xdo.rdfparser.RTFTemplateGenerator.createSection(
    at oracle.apps.xdo.rdfparser.RTFTemplateGenerator.createDocument(
    at oracle.apps.xdo.rdfparser.RTFTemplateGenerator.main(

  2. karunkar says:

    Hey All,

    I am getting the same error please let me know where exactly we are wrong..

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