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OA Framework Personalization – Modifying the Submit Request Train

Posted on by Brent Lowe

Since I discussed Forms Personalization last week, thought I’d share another interesting solution we came up with for a customer a couple weeks ago…this time using OA Framework Personalization.

To give some background, as part of the AventX Attachment Xpress for Oracle install there is the option to create a personalization in the OA Framework to submit a Concurrent Request. Using OA Framework Personalization, we create a button and assign it the function ‘FNDCPSRSSSWA’. This standard Oracle function will essentially guide a user through submitting a concurrent request once it is invoked.

Print Work Order with Attachments button created with Personalization

So once again, Ted was working hard for his customers and he brought me a question from one of his current implementations. The customer asked if there was a way to limit the amount of steps their users have to go through to submit a request using this method. They wanted their users to only have to select the parameters for the report they were running, all other options were to be set by default or not shown.

Steps to remove

Good question… There must be a way….. personalization allowed us to add the button to call the function, there must be some parameters we can add to the function to limit the steps?

The function FNDCPSRSSSWA essentially makes the HTML call:

After referencing the Oracle documentation (OA Framework Developers Guide – 394780.1) and tinkering on one of our test instances, turns out there are a number of options available to shorten the steps. You can actually do quite a bit:

– Set the program name to run by default (programApplName=application short name&programName=program short name)
– Set the program description by default (programDesc=text)
– Hide the step to select the program name (programRegion=Hide)
– Hide the Parameters step (parameterRegion=Hide)
– Hide the Schedule Step (scheduleRegion=Hide)
– Hide the Notifications Step (notifyRegion=Hide)
– Hide the Printing Step (printRegion=Hide)
– Set a Page title (pageTitle=text)
– Redirect the user to a specific page when hitting Cancel or Submitting the request. (requestURL=url)

Each one of these features is applied with a specific parameter (as specified in parentheses next to each feature) appended to the HTML call mentioned above. For example, to hide the Notify Step, the HTML call would be changed to look like the following:


So, instead of modifying the seeded Oracle function, you have 2 options.

A. Create your own function and add the appropriate parameters
B. Just use the Destination URI option in Personalization instead of Destination Function to format the URL to navigate to when the button is pressed.

So the customer was able to change the URL to be:


And voila, now when you click the button the steps are dramatically reduced.

Newly personalized Submit Request Train

Notice the ‘Layout’ step, I have no clue how to hide this step, it’s not documented and the intuitive guess of ‘layoutRegion=Hide’ doesn’t do it… If you know how to turn this off, leave me a comment.

So in the end, Personalization is a powerful feature and once again it provided us and the customer with a win. The customer was able to give their users the functionality they desired and we were able learn more about personalization, apply to it our documentation and pass on better functionality to existing and future customers.

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15 Responses to OA Framework Personalization – Modifying the Submit Request Train

  1. Roel says:


    thanks for this description of the personalization. It works perfectly. I want to create the personalization for the custom version we have created for this report.
    I have one issue with this and I would like to know how if you faced the same problem.

    This rpeort has a parameter defined for the manufacturig organization id.

    Is there a way to pass the already choosen value for this parameter?

    Best regards Roel.

    • Brent Lowe says:

      Hi Roel, yeah that is a problem, I have not been able to pass the chosen value to the submit request train. What exactly are you trying to accomplish, I may be able to help? Feel free to email me directly at brent.lowe “at” or just reply to this comment.

    • Renu says:

      Hi Brent,
      I have a general question and not sure if it will be for OA Framework Personalization or Oracle Form Personalization. I want to hide check printers so other EBS users do not have this printer name listed in the selection. The check printer name should be visible to users who are running payment job or the responsibility used for running payment jobs. could you please let me know how this can be done?
      Thank you!

      • Brent Lowe says:

        Hi Renu,

        Taking it completely on face value, I’m not sure that you need a personalization here. The printers that are displayed are controlled by Print Styles. Can you create a printer style that only includes the printers you want to display for your payment job?

  2. Tin A Pie says:

    is it possible to remove the review step then?

    • Brent Lowe says:

      Hi Tin A Pie, sorry for the delay. Unforunately, at least according to the documentation, it is NOT possible to remove the Review step. You can only hide:

      Program Name Selection Step
      Parameter Selection Step
      Schedule Step
      Notification Step
      Printing Step

  3. Quang says:

    Hi Brent,

    Can you please let me know how to pass the parameters from OAF vi FNDCPPROGRAMPAGE.?

    All I want to add a button vi personalization on OAF to submit the concurrent program automatic instead enter the parameters.


    Thanks and Regards,

    • Brent Lowe says:

      Unfortunately I do not believe this is possible. Based on Oracle’s documentation and my own experimentation I have not been able to find a method to pass parameters.

  4. Quang says:

    Hi Roel,

    Have you got the solution? I need to pass the organization_id and wip_entity_id into the report instead of enter on the screen.

    Best regards Quang

  5. Veer says:

    Which is the file that needs to be edited to change these options.

    Can this be done online or should we open a file and edit it?

    • Brent Lowe says:

      Hi Veer, there is no file to edit per-se. Instead you are simply making a personalization. If you give me some info as to what you are working on, I may be able to guide you though it. Just let me know.

  6. Veer says:

    I got it now

  7. Pradeep says:

    Hi Lowe,

    Have you found the way to hide Layout page.
    i’m too facing same problem.

    Thank You.


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