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New Recipient Types Added for PO Approval Delivery – AventX Oracle Connector

Posted on by John Vincent

The latest release of AventX Oracle Connector offers new recipient types for delivery of documents created using Oracle’s PO Approval workflow.  AventX PO Approval Delivery has always extended the functionality of the EBS standard, but these new recipient types give end users even more control over who will receive the final Purchase Order output.  In addition to AventX’s original recipient types of User’s Email Address, PO Approval Recipient, and the Secure Email options, the new recipient types are: Vendor, Vendor Contact, All Vendor Contacts, Buyer, and Requestor.

Fig 1: Recipient types now supported by AventX PO Approval Delivery

For those who aren’t familiar, AventX PO Approval Delivery allows a user to fax, email, and print Purchase Orders based upon the transmission methods as checked via the Approval form.  In addition to the PO Approval Form, end-users also have the ability to conveniently invoke the AventX Interactive Delivery Form by simply clicking the “Deliver with AventX” icon in Oracle’s toolbar.

Figure 2: Deliver with AventX Icon available via forms personalization

Why would you want to use this? Here are some possible scenarios:

  • You want to quickly send the Purchase Order and the paperclip attachments to multiple recipients
  • You want to dynamically name the subject of the email and email message body so the vendor better understands your PO
  • You need to know exactly what happened to your PO after you hit “send”
  • You want an easy way to resend the PO
  • You don’t know every vendor contact’s email or fax number memorized so you’d like to be able to choose the correct information as needed from a pick list

Upon clicking the AventX icon, the AventX Stand Alone Interactive Delivery form is invoked.  This form allows a user to specify or modify the address information for the document’s delivery  (Figure 3).

Figure 3: AventX Standalone Interactive Delivery: preloaded with the default recipients’ delivery addresses and easy to change on the fly.

AventX provides additional functionality for PO Approval documents by supporting the ability to query who will receive the document based on the specified recipient type.

By default, the parameters on the form are intelligently pre-filled with data from the Oracle tables based on what your administrator puts in the AventX Oracle Connector Configuration Form. Also, the end-user has the ability to easy add additional contacts by typing in more fax numbers and emails or simply select a pick list which provide an address book feature via the list of values.

Once the desired information has been entered, the user clicks the <Submit> button and a request ID is returned to the user as if they went through the Submit Request process.  This indicates that the submitted information has successfully submitted a concurrent request.

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