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Minerals Producer Improves Customer Service with Fax and Email from Oracle on Demand

The Company

Specialty Minerals, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Minerals Technologies, Inc. is an international producer of high-performance minerals renown as the world’s largest producer of precipitated calcium carbonates. Active in the mining and manufacturing of minerals for more than 150 years, Specialty Minerals’ products are used in a variety of applications from paper, plastics and adhesives to sealants, paints, and pharmaceuticals.

The Problem

Specialty Minerals migrated to Oracle On Demand and needed a replacement solution for a legacy application which was unable to scale with the company’s expanding requirements. Requiring a solution that was On Demand-ready, Specialty Minerals desired a reliable solution that was low maintenance, offered high-availability and robust features for document automation.

The Solution

Specialty Minerals selected AventX Oracle Connector to automate the email and fax delivery of up to 400 pages per day of mission-critical business documents. Certified by Oracle On Demand, AventX supports Oracle’s Linux-hosted environment and does not require any additional hardware to maintain.

“We needed a solution that would increase productivity,” states Tony DePalma, Chief Information Officer. “With our previous solution, the custom application served its purpose; however, the [legacy] application did not scale well with our long-term plans.” AventX provides Specialty Minerals with the ability to automatically email and fax any volume of any document generated from Oracle, including purchase orders, invoices, sales order acknowledgements, and certificates of analysis.

Designed as an automated, unattended delivery solution, AventX enabled Specialty Minerals to eliminate costs and increase productivity through streamlining workflow. “AventX UNIX, operating with AventX Oracle Connector, has improved our customer service,” states DePalma. “Now, when an order is booked, the Order Acknowledgement is automatically emailed to our freight carrier for pick-up.” No user intervention is required.

STR Software specializes in document delivery solutions for email, fax, and internet fax. The AventX Product Suite integrates with internally-developed and host ERP applications including Oracle EBS, SAP, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, IFAS, EAS, and more in UNIX, Linux, MPE, and Windows environments.

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