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JDE’s Most Powerful Work Order Printing Solution Turns it Up a Notch with Version 2.0

Posted on by Brent Lowe

Improving the user experience was our primary goal with AventX Attachment Xpress 2.0 for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne CAM. The completion of this second major release of the product is the culmination of working closely with customers to evolve the product meet to their needs. Of the 22 enhancements, we know the standout new features you most want to see are:

1. Interactive attachment selection provides planners/schedulers a dynamic interface where they can pick and choose which attachments print, and sometimes more importantly do not print. This gives users the option to associate as many attachments as necessary on a work order but the flexibility and control to determine what is printed at a given time, cutting back on wasted time and resources. Check it out below:


2. Multiple connections to external file repositories enable an added level of flexibility for those users that want to store attachments in external content management systems such as SharePoint, Meridian, or others. This release allows you to define multiple hosts and authentication credentials so that the product can access those attachments stored on your network versus those stored within JD Edwards proper.

3. Round robin scheduling allows ad hoc print submissions to print ahead of large batch jobs, ensuring that emergency, corrective, or other ad hoc work order packages are printed and passed to maintenance crews as quickly as possible. By logically giving equal priority to all print jobs, the system saves users time and potential confusion.

4. Print preview of batch jobs in the job status queue improves print preview functionality. Now users can view entire batch jobs of printed work orders and attachments in the job status queue. Whether Print Immediate is set to “Yes” or “No”, users have the flexibility to print how they want. What users will get now is a single PDF that is collated as the following:

WO_PackageWork has already started on the next release to add even more features that we are hearing about in the marketplace. Stay tuned for more details.

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