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How to Streamline the Delivery of Oracle Reports

Posted on by Emily Benfield

When it comes to managing the outbound delivery of your EBS-generated documents, native Oracle functionality leaves much to be desired. The requirements for sending documents from EBS vary, so IT must develop custom processes depending on report type, EBS module and delivery method. Once the development effort is done, your IT team remains consumed with ongoing maintenance and troubleshooting.

These internally-developed delivery processes are highly customized and difficult for end users to navigate. Without a consistent approach to delivering documents, it becomes impossible for users to gain visibility into what happened to their documents after delivery. When users can’t track their own documents, IT tickets for troubleshooting help often pile up until there is a business consequence, like a missing invoice or purchase order, which can threaten your organization’s bottom line.

Watch the video above to see how the AventX Oracle Connector unifies document delivery from all EBS modules with one seamless solution, so users and IT teams can stop navigating fragmented delivery processes and your organization can get the most out of Oracle EBS.

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