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How to Provide Email Tracking for POs & Invoices

Posted on by Seth Petersen

Like most Oracle BI Publisher users, you likely rely on Delivery Manager for emailing EBS generated invoices, purchase orders, and other critical documents. While the Delivery Manager reports an email was sent, it has no way to track and confirm receipt. A sent status only means that your email left your server – it doesn’t necessarily mean that your recipient received it. Your email could have been blocked by a spam filter, failed from connectivity issues or from an invalid email address.  The resulting lost invoice or purchase order could mean delayed cash flow or production, ultimately impacting your organization’s bottom line.

And, because end users can’t track their own business documents, they rely on IT to research undeliverables and resend failed emails adding to IT’s overall workload. Additionally, the Delivery Manager gives end users no visibility as to whether their invoice or PO was actually received. Consequently, some accounts receivable and purchasing departments also spend time calling customers and suppliers to confirm that each document was successfully delivered.

By enhancing your BI Publisher report delivery experience, you can give senders insight into precisely when their recipient opens and reads time-sensitive business documents, like an invoice or PO. Giving end users this control and flexibility eliminates the additional workload on IT and saves accounts receivable from unnecessary follow-up calls.

That’s where AventX from STR Software comes in. The AventX GUI offers user-friendly tracking of emails so users can see the exact date and time a recipient views their document. In addition, if a user finds a failed message, he or she can immediately resend it without submitting a support ticket or regenerating the original request.

Should an important business document be sent to an erroneous email address, AventX will identify the email address as undeliverable in your Oracle database allowing the problem to be quickly corrected while preventing repeated errors and the associated frustration.

With AventX, you can:

  • Eliminate lost invoices resulting in improved cash flow
  • Eliminate lost POs ensuring consistent receipt of supplies and production materials
  • Reduce IT’s effort to troubleshoot delivery issues
  • Automatically flag invalid email addresses in your Oracle database
  • Provide users the ability to correct and resend failed emails
  • Improve employee productivity by reducing time and work associated with locating lost emails
  • Enhance customer and supply chain relationships by reducing annoying follow-up communication due to lost documents

It’s time to reliably deliver critical documents, and ensure your business saves time and resources with email tracking with AventX.

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