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How to Confirm Email Deliveries from Oracle

Posted on by Beth Hugill

Email is one of the most universal forms of business communication. It allows individuals to conduct business with ease across vast distances and multiple time zones. Unfortunately, email isn’t always the most dependable form of communication. Email’s variability can be especially problematic if your business uses email for critical business documents like invoices and purchase orders.

For example, many emailers incorrectly assume that once an email shows up in the “Sent” folder, then it is also sitting in the recipient’s inbox. Even if you email from an ERP like Oracle EBS or JD Edwards, the reported “Sent” status simply means the delivery was successful on the sender’s end. There are still many factors on the recipient side that affect whether or not an email arrives in an inbox.

If your organization relies on email for important business documents like invoices or purchase orders, these delivery inconsistencies can impact cash flow or production and negatively impact your company’s bottom line. Watch the video above to see how you can tell with one hundred percent certainty whether your invoice or purchase order was successfully delivered with AventX Mail SC!

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