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How to Confirm Email Deliveries from JDE

Posted on by Beth Hugill

Email has come to be the most widely-accepted and efficient form of business communication. Its rise in popularity has improved international business relations because it allows individuals to communicate inexpensively across many time zones. Unfortunately, the true effectiveness of email communication is disguised by incorrect assumptions about what it actually means when emails are marked as “Sent.”

Many emailers are unaware that a “Sent” status only indicates that an email successfully left the sender’s delivery server and it does not mean it has been successfully delivered to the recipient. After an email leaves the sender’s delivery server, there are many factors that impact whether or not it reaches the recipient’s inbox. As many as 18 percent of emails sent in North America end up missing, blocked, or marked as spam.

Watch the video above to see how AventX for JD Edwards tracks and confirms email and fax deliveries, minimizing the chance for user error and providing 100 percent certainty that JDE-generated documents, like invoices or purchase orders, were successfully delivered and read.

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