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Posted on by Brent Lowe

Welcome to STR Software’s Oracle Blog
My name is Brent Lowe and my official title is Manager of Product Development. I say “official” as I’m lucky that I’ve been given the opportunity to wear a lot of hats here at STR Software over the past 9 years. Currently, my job role covers (in no particular order) straight technical development, R&D, assisting the sales process, visiting customers, writing papers, speaking at various conferences and yes, even management of a product development team.

We are starting this blog to not necessarily sell you on our product (however if interested, I know a few people who would be more than happy to help you out with that), but to share what we believe is relevant and interesting information regarding Oracle technology with a slant towards document delivery and to keep our customers apprised of product updates.

Even if you’re not a customer, don’t shy away! As we deal with Oracle technology such as BI Publisher/XML Publisher, Oracle Forms, Self Service Framework, general EBS techstack, etc… on a daily basis, we may have run into the same problem you currently have and will blog about it.

In fact, I’m heading out to Oracle Open World 2009 in San Francisco next week to continue my Oracle education. This will be my 5th outing to Oracle Open World (7 if you count a couple Apps Worlds in San Diego). In the past I’ve attended as a presenter, attendee and an exhibitor. This trip I will be just an attendee, which is great because there are a lot of interesting sessions that I am looking forward to checking out.

Come back next week and I’ll post some of my thoughts on Open World as the week progresses.

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