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Fragmented vs. standardized: email and fax delivery in Oracle EBS

Posted on by Emily Benfield

20When it comes to delivering documents like purchase orders, sales order acknowledgements and invoices directly from Oracle EBS, the native email and fax functionality leaves a lot to be desired. The Oracle solution is too complicated, fragmented and lacks key features to allow functional and technical users to complete their tasks accurately and efficiently.

The fragmented nature of the built-in Oracle EBS document delivery solution is what makes reliable document delivery unnecessarily challenging to achieve. To make matters worse, Oracle has further compounded the complexity problem by adding yet another delivery option with the introduction of BI Publisher.

Even the brightest EBS minds find troubleshooting delivery issues a nightmare for their IT teams. Performing the simplest of troubleshooting tasks, such as performing a root cause analysis on why documents fail to deliver, often ends up being yet another “unexplainable technical occurrence.”

Does it have to be this way? Do we need unique delivery programs at the module level by way of custom development to successfully deliver documents? Of course not! Here are three reasons why switching to a unified approach for document delivery via AventX Oracle Connector is a winning solution for technical and functional users alike.

Top 3 benefits of standardized document delivery in Oracle EBS

Easy Button

Reduced complexity

AventX Oracle Connector introduces one delivery solution to rule them all. Never again will you have to worry about nuances, functionality gaps, and how customizations by module or document type affect delivery of your mission critical documents. Rid yourself of Oracle’s fragmented delivery processes and ease the load on IT with simpler and faster deployment, configuration and troubleshooting.

Think (1)Set & forget

Say goodbye to ongoing management of document delivery customizations and troubleshooting. With AventX Oracle Connector, you can easily and quickly configure delivery rules to suit your business needs at the module and document level – simply set and forget.

Your IT team won’t need to worry about patches or new EBS versions breaking custom functionality. AventX Oracle Connector comes pre-certified against existing patches and the newest Oracle EBS versions well before you can implement the changes yourself. This ensures faster, hassle-free deployment and ongoing maintenance.

Happy UXFamiliar interface

AventX Oracle Connector operates within Oracle EBS and uses the same familiar interface your users already know – everything is exactly where you would expect it to be. The familiar interface not only drives intuitive, instantaneous user adoption, but it empowers users to troubleshoot minor day-to-day delivery errors without IT support so IT can focus on other priorities.

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