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Error: This form cannot be deleted because it is being referenced by another AOL object.

Posted on by Brent Lowe

This form cannot be deleted because it is being referenced by another AOL object. Remove the object that references it, and then try deleting again.

Ever get this error and swear that you have cleaned everything up? I have.  So I opened up the FNDFMFBF.fmb form and figured out what throws this error so I could get things cleaned up appropriately. Keep on reading for what the form uses to determine if this error gets thrown and how to clean up your system.

1. Run the following query:

select 1 from sys.dual where not exists(
select 1 from fnd_form_functions
where form_id = :form_id
and application_id = :application_id);


If it does NOT return 1 then you still have a function defined somewhere. To figure out the name of the function run the following query:

select * from fnd_form_functions where form_id = :form_id and application = :application_id

Get the values for :form_id and :application_id by navigating to:

Help -> Diagnostics -> Examine on the Forms form and changing the Field value from FORM_NAME to FORM_ID and then to APPLICATION_ID

Then just open the Application Developer -> Application -> Function and delete the offending function(s).

2. If you square away the above and are still getting the error, you may have Audit Data preventing you from deleting the form.

Run the following query to find out:

select 1 from sys.dual where not exists
(select 1
from fnd_login_resp_forms
where form_id = :form_id
and form_appl_id = :application_id);


Again, if this query does NOT return 1, you’ve got a problem. To fix you need to purge your audit data. Note that this destroys potentially valuable data and you should be aware of it’s impact. I would recommend reading the Oracle EBS System Administrator’s Guide for Security, specifically the section on Auditing and MonitoringYou have been warned.

To purge the audit data, login as System Administrator and Submit a request by the name of ‘Purge Signon Audit Data‘. Use today’s date as the parameter and submit to noprint (See warning above….) Recheck the query, it should return 1 now.


After running these 2 steps, you should be good to go for deleting your form without any problems. Hope it helps!

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