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Disabling Attachment menu button with Forms Personalization?

Posted on by Brent Lowe

I received the following comment form Ravi on my post about using Forms Personalization to Add a New Icon to the Toolbar.

I have a requirement, need to enable and disable attachment icon on toolbar between header and lines section/level of Purchase Requisition.

Header level -> Enable
Lines level -> Disable

Could you please tell me the steps to achieve this.

Well….first off, I apologize if you got excited when you saw the title of this post.  I have yet to find a way to actually use Forms Personalization to disable any menu item.

According to all of the OTN posts and Oracle Support, no-one else has either.   So for now, I think we will have to agree that we may have a deficiency of Forms Personalization.  For now, I’ve only figured out 2 ways to do this.

1. Use the dreaded CUSTOM.pll to call app_special.enable(‘ATTACHMENTS’, PROPERTY_OFF)

I have yet to try this, but the Oracle EBS Developer’s Guide makes it seem like it’s possible.

2. Another thought I had does not require CUSTOM.pll and is all done via configuration.  The attachments feature in EBS is super configurable.  Via Application Developer->Attachments->Attachment Functions you can setup where the attachments button/menu item is enabled or disabled based on a form’s block.   So in Ravi’s case above, he could pull up the Purchase Order Attachment function and delete the PO_LINES block.  That way, when his users navigate to the Lines section of the PO, the attachment button will be disabled.

attachment_blocksNow this method does not have a lot of flexibility.  It’s either on or off for the block and you cannot do any special logic like restricting for a particular case, but it’s a start.

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One Response to Disabling Attachment menu button with Forms Personalization?

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