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Delivering Documents with BIP Delivery Manager in EBS: Solution Suitability Checklist

Developing customized solutions to adequately fax and email reports from the BI Publisher Delivery Manager in Oracle EBS can be a daunting task. First IT teams must develop custom processes for each module, transmission method, and BI Publisher report template. Then IT must implement tests for each delivery process when the time comes for an Oracle upgrade. On top of these duties, IT is supporting users while also fielding requests to resend failed documents, troubleshooting other issues, and performing routine maintenance. It’s strenuous to focus on other high-priority projects with this workload – Stop the burden for your IT team!

This document delivery solution suitability checklist can help identify your business and systems needs. You can download and customize this checklist to support the recommendation for a unified EBS document delivery solution for your company.

Here are some key considerations when evaluating Oracle document delivery solutions:

Technical factors: Do you need a solution that…

  • Minimizes support ticket submissions by empowering users with control to send, track, and manage documents?
  • Provides a centralized system to create, control, and troubleshoot all outbound deliveries within Oracle?
  • Has the ability to revise and re-send failed transmissions without submitting another concurrent request?
  • Can intelligently gather data from EBS tables to automatically assign addresses and delivery preferences?
  • Eliminates the need to test each custom delivery process during EBS upgrades?
  • Is scalable and can configure additional document delivery methods as your business grows?

Functional factors: Do you need a solution that…

  • Provides instant user adoption with Outlook-like functionality?
  • Enables users to monitor status of time-sensitive documents such as POs and Invoices?
  • Offers flexible options to deliver documents as batches or individually?
  • Has option to monitor and manage document transmissions from anywhere via web browser?
  • Submits documents for delivery with 75% less clicks?
  • Includes email or fax attachments from Oracle databases or network files automatically?
  • Works seamlessly with BI Publisher templates?

STR Software’s AventX Oracle Connector can eliminate ongoing management for document delivery customizations and improve productivity. Contact us today and we’ll show you how!

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