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DataZing Product Launch, BI Publisher Fun and More From Collaborate

Posted on by Brent Lowe

Great day at Collaborate today, some might call it action packed…

Participated in a number of BIP sessions today regarding non-Oracle EBS applications (PeopleSoft and JDE) as well as a great session by Steven Feuerstein on PL/SQL exception handling.

The real news of the day is that we officially launched DataZing during the Innovation Hour (where we won the audience vote) here at Collaborate. So what is DataZing? Essentially it is a tool that will facilitate the movement and processing of data across all of the different systems in your environment. What’s great is that everything is configured and managed within Oracle EBS. So all of those custom scripts your UNIX guys have to write and maintain to move data can be replaced with an easy to maintain, standard interface.

Base functionality is this…

Step 1: Poll for files either locally or remotely. (FTP/SFTP/Local)

Step 2: Once data is found or NOT found, send notifications to your users alerting them to what is going on.

Step 3: If data is found, determine if DataZing should actually process it…. Maybe you do not want to process any data that shows up after 4:00 on Fridays? Or probably, more applicable, do not process DUPLICATE data!

Step 4: Finally and most importantly. Process the data… Submit a concurrent request, push the information to an archiving system, email someone the information, etc…

Pretty simple right? The great thing is that all of this is configured within Oracle EBS. If a FTP password changes, just fire up a form instead of tracking down a UNIX admin. Puts you in control vs. having to wait on others to make changes. Check out our website additional info.

So far we are getting some great responses and we are getting our early adopters ramped up as we speak. If you’re at Collaborate, stop by and say hi, I’m at booth 2225… I have free stuff to give you!

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