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5 Questions to Consider When Upgrading AventX

Posted on by Beth Hugill

We know upgrading AventX takes some planning. It requires a close look at not only your enterprise software, but any additional applications you have in place. The big question we want to help answer is when does not upgrading hurt my business?  To find out, you may want to ask yourself the following questions:

1.  Is my ERP version up to date?

Many organizations will focus on keeping the software that has a direct hand in keeping their business running updated, but place less importance on upgrading bolt-on applications like AventX which help optimize their entire system. If one software component is up to date and other components remain outdated, then your business may be taking on additional risks associated with version compatibility and running non-compatible applications may prevent users from taking advantage of new functionality.

2.  Are your users getting the best experience?

Nearly all new features and benefits that are added to the AventX product suite come from customer ideas and product enhancement requests. We understand business requirements and the needs of user groups often change over time. Contact STR Software to discuss your ideal user experience in addition to new features and benefits you can unlock by upgrading.

3.  Is it a “slow” period for your business?

The pace of your business, like all things in life, is relative. If you anticipate an increase in available bandwidth soon, then upgrading AventX would be a good use of resources. Version 10.0 is heavily focused on streamlining, reducing software requirements and improving functionality for users.

4.  Does your IT team have a solid strategic vision?

Your IT team is instrumental in keeping your business running efficiently. Successful IT teams will have a strategy for taking on partial or entire system upgrades. AventX 10.0 has an improved upgrade process that helps IT teams move through implementation steps quickly with recorded walkthrough assistance in one environment.

5.  Was your last upgrade over two years ago?

Two years is an eternity in technology. Waiting longer than two years to upgrade any component of your business software can cause inefficiencies that affect your workflow. Any software component considered mission-critical should be kept up-to-date to ensure maximum system efficiency. STR Software is quick to certify AventX against current versions of all major ERPs. If you’re on the latest version of your ERP software then upgrading AventX can help you capitalize on the work you’ve already done to optimize your systems.

If you answered yes to most of these questions, it’s time to upgrade AventX. For a limited time, STR Software is offering free, personalized upgrade consultation.Your upgrade planner will outline the benefits of upgrading your instance to the most recent release, answer any questions and help your prepare for your AventX upgrade.

Contact our Services department to ask for more info about your personalized upgrade consultation!


For more information on the latest release of the AventX Product Suite check out:

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