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Collaborate 10 Day 4

Posted on by Brent Lowe

Attended a number of sessions today on BIP, Application Integration and Virtualization.

There have been a ton of BIP sessions this year, for all the details check out Mike Donohue’s roundup here on the official XMLP blog.

Attended a session today named ‘Application Integration for Dummies’. Essentially it went over all of the issues that are faced when integrating applications with EBS. Wouldn’t you know it… DataZing solves the majority of them!

* Recognition of events
* Writing custom code
* Worrying about duplicate processing
* Error handling
* Ongoing Maintenance

Check out this video for more detail.

Unfortunately, due to weather, the big ‘Meet at the Beach’ event this evening has been moved inside. Apparently, it’s pretty cool/windy out and supposed to rain… I couldn’t even tell you what the weather was like.. Las Vegas is an expert at keeping you inside….

Exhibition hall is officially closed, time to pack up. Thanks for stopping by.

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