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Bursting EBS Documents in a Single Step Available in R12.2?

Posted on by Brent Lowe

I came across Bug 12927519 on Metalink today that suggests that EBS R12.2 may include an enhancement to allow for bursting of BI Publisher/XML Publisher documents in one step (it says it was ‘fixed in product version’)!  I do not see anything about in the 12.2 Release Content Documents, but that’s nothing new.

Currently, to burst you have to run 2 concurrent requests.  The actual concurrent request to generate your output and then a second concurrent request to actually do the bursting (XML Publisher Report Bursting Program).  This is not an efficient thing to do!  For example, say you have a run of 1000 invoices that takes a couple hours.  After that report is finally done the person submitting the request has to then come back and run another request to do the actual bursting.  Not hard work, but tedious and seems ripe for automation.

This bursting automation (single request bursting) has existed in the AventX Oracle Connector product since the beginning as we recognized the need early on, however if you are looking for native functionality, the options require getting a developer involved to make AND MAINTAIN changes.  If this enhancement does what I hope it will do, it should save everyone some time and allow companies to get away from hacking after report triggers in reports or creating unnecessary PL/SQL concurrent programs.

Biggest thing we can hope for is that they back port it to older versions…fingers crossed.

So when is this going to come out?  Who knows…But, if you have a guess as to when 12.2 will be generally released (or you just know), leave a comment with your guess.  The person that comes the closest without going over gets a DataZing t-Shirt* autographed by the star of the video, STR Software’s President, Ben Bruno.

*model not included

(note DataZing is a product that unfortunately did not make it to market. It was cool and the shirt is yellow, but it was not meant to be.  Definitely a collector’s item however.)

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3 Responses to Bursting EBS Documents in a Single Step Available in R12.2?

  1. Sujoy says:

    My guess for the R12.2 release date: 01-Oct-2012

    Needless to say, waiting for it 🙂

  2. ChrisY says:

    Expecting to be released mid to late november 2012

  3. Hi Chris! Your guess was closest, so we owe you a t-shirt! Please email me at with your contact information so we can get that to you.

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