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AventX Oracle Connector Update!

Posted on by John Vincent

The latest release of AventX Oracle Connector offers a major improvement which simplifies the process required to retrieve log files and AventX configuration files. All log files and configuration files for the AventX application are stored on the actual AventX host where AventX Oracle Connector resides and there may be occasions when you or STR Support need to retrieve these files. Depending upon availability and permissions levels for your Administrators and DBAs, IT staff may not be able to access the production command line to retrieve these files from the actual UNIX host. This enhancement will help eliminate delays when access control is a challenge and it may also prove helpful to organizations that are hosted (e.g. AT&T, HP, Oracle OnDemand, Savvis, etc.) without immediate access to the production command line.

Graphic for Get Logs buttonIn less than a few minutes, you can automatically extract and download the relevant log files. All that is required is the latest version of AventX plus an Oracle EBS user with administrator access to the AventX Connector Configuration form. This is a huge time saver because it eliminates the need to A) Find a DBA or contact third-party support (such as Oracle On-Demand), and B) Manually navigate throughout the AventX file system’s various directories to access multiple log files and configuration files.

Click here to see this feature yourself.

This release also includes 14 different change requests for the AventX WebManager that were implemented to improve performance and stability. For example, companies sending large volumes of documents with AventX will see a huge reduction in page load times when managing documents in the AventX WebManager (managing includes checking the status of documents, editing email addresses  and fax numbers, and quickly resending). We have also added Android style toast popups which provide quick updates about the status of your documents (see the upper right hand corner in the screenshot below).

AventX WebManager toast popups

I would love to hear your feedback on how these enhancements could help your organization.  Post your comments and let me know what you think.

You can also provide input on how we should focus our future releases here.

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